New Coloring Book


I decided to edit some of the books that were previously available on Amazon and republish under Derian Designs Coloring.  There are just a few things left to do before the new books will be available for purchase.   In the mean time, here is your exclusive look at Mandalas and Patterns Coloring Book.  You can download the  PDF file and print the pages you would like to color.

In the coloring books available for purchase, the pictures are all single-sided.  If you like to use markers or pens, this will help reduce bleeding through the page.  As some have mentioned, some designs are more simplistic while others are more complex.  One thing on my mind when making these books is the younger artist.  They may want to color with you, but not have the  patience for small details. For the designs that are less elaborate, you can always add your own details.  In some coloring books, the designers use a lot of black ink.  I have purposely decided to let the colorist decide where they want to put black ink, if at all.

For the future, I have an idea for a book called “Color with Me”.  When you open the book, one page will be the detailed version; the opposite side will have the easier version of the same design.  This can be a great way to spend some time working on those fine motor skills with your favorite little person.

Let me know in the comments if you are having any trouble with the downloads.





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